The Peerless Study is designed to help companies understand the optimal expectations of their associates and customers, by uncovering “disappointment gaps” and dramatically improving culture, associate engagement, internal and marketing communications and sales strategies to deliver game-changing financial results.

This scientific and in-depth process of collecting emotional and cognitive data provides actionable, straightforward insights for improving the performance of companies. Based on the findings Peerless Performance will help you design a strategy to leverage best practices and best-in-class solutions.  Our shared purpose is to drive, reward and recognize change all in alignment with core values and company mission…the engineering of your culture.

The Process 

The Peerless Study provides organizations and associates a means of assessing the emotions, feelings and thinking that drive the actions needed to achieve success. Peerless Performance research and experience are focused on the workplace of the future, its generational mix, the interdependencies of its knowledgebase and how employee emotions drive not only the corporate culture but increase productivity, profitability and community.

The online Peerless Study transcends traditional engagement surveys by precisely identifying not only how employees feel about key organizational attributes, but how they would like to feel. This unique online approach helps the Peerless Performance design team construct highly targeted strategies needed to address your specific challenges and opportunities, from culture engineering, leadership coaching and recruitment to communication, process design and compliance, learning, brand and product innovation, rewards, recognition, incentive travel and more.

Unlike other assessment tools, the online Peerless Study specifically looks at how people feel and more precisely how they wish to feel about their personal status in the organization, work-life balance, sense of purpose, wellness, the organizational mission, value alignment, work environment and management support.

Benefits for Associates

  • Every associate will have a voice as The Study is completely confidential and password protected.
  • Objectively gauge your own emotional wellbeing at work and your ability to succeed.
  • Explore and assess the reasons for any disappointments.
  • Monitor your personal willingness to excel.
  • Identify “the why” you come to work. 

Benefits for Management

  • Track your organization’s readiness to achieve goals.
  • Gauge the collective state of feelings about each organizational attribute, as well as the desired state.
  • Understand and monitor the willingness of associates to maximize performance.
  • Identify areas of disappointment or obstacles to success and ways to drive, reward and recognize change all in alignment with your core values and company mission.