Attribute Definitions

(An attribute is to explain something by telling the cause or origin.)

Company Mission – This the WHY you come to work each day. A company
statement that captures the true purpose of the organization.

Life Balance - Proper prioritizing of one's time and focus to better ensure
overall wellbeing.

Personal Connection – Associates that feel engaged in their work, their team
and their company mission.

My Purpose - Your connection between a meaningful goal and a productive
work environment rather than just a paying job. Through this connection you
know that you have a purpose and make a difference.

Work Environment – An environment that is safe, empowering and satisfying.
Other – Other cause or origin

Value Alignment - A clarity of how your personal values, vision, mission and
goals align with the desired values, mission, vision and goals of the company.

Wellbeing – The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy; supported by
healthy behaviors in a positive workplace or environment.

Strong Senior Leadership –Strong Senior Leaders are strategic in their focus.
They motivate and inspire individuals toward achieving set company goals. At
all times they live by the core values and mission of the company and are clear
in establishing and communicating a meaningful vision.

Management Support – Management that accomplishes objectives and goals
by supporting the team and motivating employees through problem solving,
coaching and by removing obstacles to guarantee successful results.

The following charts show:

1. The color wheel on the top shows how you feel today about key organizational attributes. The  color wheel on the bottom shows how you would like to feel.

2. Click on any attribute on the top color wheel to view tips and suggestions offered to impower you to find resolutions that may be helpful with certain emotions and situations.

Because of the sensitive nature of the questions asked and the responses collected, The Peerless Study is anonymous and will not be trackable back to the respondent.  Only data points will be shared in a dashboard format. All responses entered into The Peerless Study remain the property of Peerless Performance and will not be shared.*  At the conclusion of The Study you will be able to view your personal dashboard with your unique and private responses, the results, where the disappointment gap lies and insights into how you are thinking and feeling about the current and future state both personally and professionally.  There are tips and suggestions offered to impower you to find resolutions that may be helpful with certain emotions and situations.
*Please Note: If information is shared that demonstrates potential harm to yourself, harm to others or the destruction of property, you and the appropriate officials will be notified to gain assistance.